Universitaly platform now open!

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The Universitaly platform is open for the 2024/2025 a.y. pre-enrollment

Prospective master students who have been admitted to their intended master program can now apply for pre-enrollment and visa request for the 2024/2025 academic year via the Universitaly platform

Documents to be uploaded onto the platform:

  • passport
  • bachelor’s degree
  • transcript of academic records
  • the admission document sent by the University of Florence via apply.unifi.it
  • Valid certificate of Italian proficiency at level B2 (only for prospects admitted to master programs taught in Italian)

When completing the pre-enrollment application, please make sure to enter the correct personal data (name, surname, DoB etc…). In case of error, the International desk cannot modify the Information. You should contact Universitaly support service via the platform.

Please be informed that the validation of the pre-enrollment application on the Universitaly platform by the University does not grant:
- Any right to obtain the entry visa, since the issuance of visas falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian diplomatic missions abroad
- Any right to be enrolled in one’s intended degree program. Before completing the prospective students enrollment, the University has to verify the validity and authenticity of the entry qualification through the dichiarazione di valore or CIMEA certificates of comparability and verification sent by the prospects.

It is highly recommended that prospective students request dichiarazione di valore to the competent Italian diplomatic mission or CIMEA certificates of comparability and verification via CIMEA Diplome portal well in advance of the beginning of 2024/25 a.y. classes (16th September 2024).

14 Mar 2024