Scholarship Opportunities

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A list of all the scholarship opportunities for international students

International students can apply for scholarship granted by:
- DSU Toscana. DSU Toscana is Tuscany regional Authority for the right to university education, which manages scolarships, housing and dining services and other facilities. Students – even prospective students – are required to participate in a selection, which in the first year takes into consideration the student’s family overall financial situation. In the following years, merit (i.e. number of passed exams and grades) aro also taken into consideration. For more information, please visit DSU Toscana website
- Invest Your Talent in Italy. The University of Florence is a partner of the IYT project, which is supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, ICE – Italian Trade Agency and Uni–Italia (Centre for the academic promotion and orientation of study in Italy). For more information, please visiti IYT website
- The Italian Government. More information are availbale on the website Study in Italy

9 Jun 2023